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July 29, 2003
Release of eAuction Watcher 2.3.4. Download. Buy.
Update of the support of eBay.
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of eAuction Watcher:
May 16, 2003Release of eAuction Watcher 2.3.3.
Update of the support of eBay.
April 11, 2003Release of eAuction Watcher 2.3.2.
Update of the support of eBay.
December 18, 2002Release of eAuction Watcher 2.3.1.
Update of the support of eBay.
December 10, 2002Release of eAuction Watcher 2.3.
- Enhancements of error handling, download, alarms, Item Description view, menu look and feel, status bar
- Add export to text file feature
- Add new feature to follow items that a buyer really wants to buy
- Add button to select the next/previous item
- Support for new auction servers: eBay Austria, eBay Belgium, eBay Netherlands, eBay Spain, eBay Switzerland, QXL.
- Update of the existing auction server supports.

eAuction Watcher manages items sold on online auctions

eAuction Watcher makes it easy to manage multiple online auctions. It lets you track numerous auctions from one unique location, helping you to follow the evolution of your sales or to win auctions. eAuction Watcher tracks the vital information and you can inspect the auctions you are interested in without having to browse over and over again. The items are displayed in a convenient list you can print out, and when you select an item in this list, eAuction Watcher displays its Web page in the lower portion of the application.

Some of the main features:
  • Easy to use interface,
  • Easy to add item: enter an auction ID number, drag and drop or paste an auction URL or click on the add button of the mini-window tool,
  • Refreshes the auction information as often as you wish,
  • Keeps record of old auctions long after they disappeared on the auction servers,
  • Shows the end of the auction in your local time settings,
  • Alarms allow you to be aware that an auction is about to end or that the buyer of the auction has changed,
  • Remembers your favorite queries,
  • Highlight of the auctions you are winning,
  • Minimization in the "system tray",
  • Downloads auction information directly from the auction servers (eBay, Yahoo, Amazon...),
  • Many auction sites are supported including eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon, Aucland,
  • Very useful for purchases as well as sales,
  • much more...

Awards, reviews and recommendations

Tucows gave eAuction Watcher a 5-cows rating:
<< With the huge increase of online auction popularity, more and more applications must come around to make keeping an eye on them simplier. eAuction Watcher is a simple to use program which will allow you to keep an eye on tons of auctions all in one place. >>
FileDudes<< Internet Auction sites are as trendy as Monica Lewinsky's dieting ads these days. No matter where you go, you'll run into one.  They've gain in huge popularity and success within last couple of years.  [...] With eAuction Watcher, you can simply do a search for a particular item and a results will display in your browser. You'll then be able to bookmark the items and create a database for yourself.  You'll never need to head back to the site whatsoever, just open the program anytime of the day and it will display the current status of the items. So go nuts all you eBay fans and give this program a try! >>
[extract of The FileDudes Weekly Newsletter for the week of January 14, 2000.]
File TransitFile Transit rates eAuction Watcher 5 stars.
Shareware JunctioneAuction Watcher is rated 8/10 on Shareware Junction.
SoftLandMarkSoftLandMark selects eAuction Watcher as Editors Pick Award with 5 stars.
 << eAuction Watcher is amazingly efficient and simple to use to monitor all the items I sell on eBay... >>
[C. Paper, Green Bay, WI]
 << Just finished surfing to check out other auction trackers. Your's is perfect for the average auction user. Some of the others were way too complicated. Some did eBay only. Your's is very simple to use. It works very very well. I recommend it to anyone.
Thanks for making auctions overhead so simple I can enjoy the auctions. >>
[C. Green, Clarksburg WV]
 << I have just tested eAuction Watcher, and I think it is wonderful. I have been looking for something exactly like this [...]. I wanted to write you and tell you how how much I like it. >>
[S. Frame]
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